1552 Inventory for Staffordshire

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Mon Apr 2 09:17:28 BST 2012

Following an enquire yesterday evening when ringing with my good friend David Sloman in regards to the lack of information reguarding the bells mentioned in the 1552 inventory for Staffordshire I have tracked down a transcription by Francis John Wrottesley published in `Collections for a history of Staffordshire, The William Salt Archaeological Society' Volume VI New Series Part 1 (1903).

The full article starts on page 165 with the individual parishes starting on Page 173. (PDF page numbers 195 & 201)

Unfortunately there are no weights given, these may well have been on the original document and just not transcribed and there is no way to tell how accurate the transcription is without looking at the original.

I have responded to David but as this may also be of interest to others I have posted it on here as well.

This publication is available on-line:


Brian Meldon


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