[Bell Historians] Re: Historical differences between long-standing bell foundries?

John Harrison john at LQLDia8kcl7WT8gdtiAAtJLNI270tK3bix18NBHPqXdiui1lFA1XiZ7F165vkqGsEIUZj-XcBPeT3yBmvj4.yahoo.invalid
Sat Apr 28 08:51:42 BST 2012

> Which one of these venerable old firms makes what are generally regarded
> as the best bells for change ringing?  How about for use in a carillon
> or zvon bells?

> Yes I am aware must will be up to customer perception but it would be
> interesting to know that (for example) XYZ is know for its impeccable
> lettering and artwork while ABC is know for better pricing and superior
> finishing while firm 123 provides the best after-sale service.

How do the quality of lettering, finish, price and after sales service
differentiate between bells suitable for use in rings, carillons or zvons?

How many people are likely to have made enough purchases from foundries
across Europe to make such a comparison?


John Harrison
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