[Bell Historians] Stolen bell - Darwen, Lancs

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Hi Alan, 
             I've had a look on the Internet,
Darwen, Grimehills, Lancs, St Mary's Mission Church, 1 Bell, - Weight & Founder Unknown.


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Hello Bryan, et al,

I've checked through the latest facsimile copy of Church Bells of Lancashire and can
find no reference to any Darwen, Hoddlesden or Grimehills church, etc., of St. Mary 
and an associated bell.

Unfortunately, Mr. Cheetham did not made any reference to any such church. Perhaps
the church and bell came after his analysis. 

Best wishes


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Further to my previous email about the bell stolen last week from Hoddlesden, Darwen, the church is known as St. Mary's Mission Church, Hoddlesden but appears to be listed as St. Mary's Grimehills, Blackburn Diocese, in the National Bells Register; no data available other than that there is one bell.
Bryan McCahey

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