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I agree entirely about the need for adequate records.

We lost a small disused bell in Lancaster in similar circumstances earlier this year.  It hung in a bellcote on of the redundant church of St Anne, now the Duke's Theatre, in Moor Lane.  Around the time it disappeared there was scaffolding round the building next door and this may have helped the thieves get on to the roof.  Unfortunately we have no precise details of this bell's dimensions or any inscription.  All we know is that it came second hand from the nearby church of St Thomas in Penny Street when it acquired a tower and a ring of six bells in 1853.  It is likely to have been dated 1841 (when St Thomas church was built) but we can't be certain.  

The building is Grade II listed but that doesn't really help.  The bell was of no use to the theatre company, who have funding problems at present, so the chances of getting it replaced are probably nil.

Peter Rivet

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  Thanks for responses. If nothing else, this shows the importance of having records of what is up every tower. There's probably no way of identifying this bell at all. 

  Bryan McCahey

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