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Excellent! I look forward to seeing the advertisement!


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Hi Bryan, 
                That's my idea for my book, "knowing were every bell in every tower in the World"
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but this is the history of bell-ringing and i have have spend 12 years reaseaching every
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Thanks for responses. If nothing else, this shows the importance of having records of what is up every tower. There's probably no way of identifying this bell at all. 

Bryan McCahey

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> Further to my previous email about the bell stolen last week from Hoddlesden, Darwen, the church is known as St. Mary's Mission Church, Hoddlesden but appears to be listed as St. Mary's Grimehills, Blackburn Diocese, in the National Bells Register; no data available other than that there is one bell.
> Bryan McCahey
Both John Greenhough and I, at seperate times, have tried to view the bell but got no further than the GF level from which, the small bell (guesstimated to be somewhere around 1cwt-ish) was swung.

Ladder access is required to get higher in the tower and no ladder is stored at the Church. St Mary, Grimehills (near Hoddlesdon) was built in 1851, and is a bit isolated with not many buildings/dwellings close to it.


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