RE: [Bell Historians] olympics

Dickon Love dickon at
Thu Feb 9 13:14:55 GMT 2012

>  Im slightly surprised no one has speculated what the bell might
>  sound like.

What do you think Andrew? Perhaps we should have a sweepstake on the nominal pitch - not that it will be the most obvious of the partials.

Of course, the overall sound also depends on whether it is struck dead, or hung for some sort of swinging.

Finally, if I am allowed to speculate, I'd suggest that the bell would sound much better if it were inside some sort of box or belfry.  It won't looks as impressive, but it would provide a decent resonating chamber.  The same thought has occurred to me about the Royal Jubilee Bells - I bet there will be a noticable difference in the sound between the river installation and the Garlickhythe one.



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