[Bell Historians] Jubilee bells in a box

Dickon Love dickon at yh0ljKwnXcBB3FaXwHy4rPSSB10_IJzJsO6Qtdg9gHrQIZxdwyA-WO51y9T5zCPp8Ol7cjKrXdwlrE8YLA.yahoo.invalid
Thu Feb 9 23:26:55 GMT 2012

>    We were wondering about this at Old North, as we passed around the 
> RW with the artist's vision of the barge.  It looks like the ringers 
> *and* the bells will literally be in a glass box - what on earth will it 
> sound like to the ringers?  Any guesses?
> Laura Dickerson

I wouldn't believe any of the artist impressions for the belfry. None are based on reality. There will be no glass and no boxes! Just a large bellframe on legs.


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