[Bell Historians] Dubious stats (was Jubilee bells ringing)

Dickon Love dickon at VfSGaCCAcx76sdsQC7TMaFNRD3EToy7BOKuSIFTLBKqDJjJoVNqeBkLNx6uamN7pn412CJ1GgIN-sRwqDQ.yahoo.invalid
Mon Feb 20 14:13:19 GMT 2012

>It says: 'Britain has about 6,000 bell towers and enough experienced 
>bellringers to operate just over 2,000 of them."
>Where does that figure come from?

The figures came from me, but not to the questions that were asked!  I said
that there were about 6,000 towers in England, and that unlike the Martin
Creed project, I was not going to claim that they will all ring!  I also
said that there were not enough ringers distributed properly around the
country to man all the bells.  When pressed, I guessed that 1 in 3 might do
some sort of Jubilee ringing, but that was purely a guess.

What has come out of this article are a number of messages of support to
ring at 3pm on 3rd June, so I hope we can find a way of recording those
towers which do.



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