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Some gleanings on the above:


Letter from L.B.J. Huntley (Secretary of the St.John at Hackney ringers) in
Ringing World 3 Jan.1964 p.4 gives details of the bell in "The Old Clock
Tower, Hackney" [the old church?] - bell 27" on a wooden headstock in a
wooden frame. Bell inscribed J. WARNER & SON. CRESCENT FOUNDRY, LONDON,
1857. with (Royal Coat of Arms) and PATENT on the waist


Photographs of clock and bell supplied to CJP by David Mander (formerly
Hackney Borough archivist, May 2006) - single clock bell in four-legged
tower frame at level of belfry windows, hung deal from wooden deadstock and
sounded by the clock [so evidently no old bellframe]. Clock in birdcage
frame with knob finals and two trains end-to-end - evidently C17th or older.
David says there is documentary evidence of a new clock in the C17th. Clock
evidently much altered, but in original frame


Chris Pickford

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