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Fri Feb 24 09:30:40 GMT 2012

As Sam has just sent, and very quickly gotten on to (thanks Sam), I would also recommend NOT to click on the attached link below (mediatik.com.ar) that arrived in the first message, it could cause every email address in your address book to be sent the same clone message, then as those recipients open the email and possibly click on the suspect link, the same thing happens to them - it goes to all their contacts, I have seen this happen before on my Facebook account, and the sender that supposedly sent it to me did not send it to me, so I did not click on the link and it did not go any further - to all my contacts.
I have checked and (.com.ar) is the internet country code for Argentina.  Has this link originated there?
Previously I have received other such emails (from work colleagues and friends - who did not actually send them) these arrived via regular email where you are enticed to click on a link, then as you do, it attaches to every contact in your address book, I would not discount the possibility that something may attach to your computer that comes as a consequence of clicking on the suspect link, it is not worth the risk.
As Sam has already done, I am sending this message now in the hope that I might spare all of you this inconvenience, which I have seen happen to others before.
CC: sam0austin at 6_mvtV0B6HI4geLiuoikATFRz0FJI94-Us9dFynGFnq1NSoNjQCjuBL-3JMNb21r9XfsoyRLV0QF2zHLI5jwfJM.yahoo.invalid; Bengooch2 at iAGwLnfFO4b8emGb5eNlHILgbdQYRi80kgEsWu7QgsrVvmeeSvj-F0H7tbl0Kn9FrSFyjnrloulwMG4w.yahoo.invalid; combineharvestersam at hotmail.com; Merseybells at yahoogroups.com; rachel at G35-pAsrlBcp4MkVvgVvc2dMM_5I5QfcZNiJt-Rzs2-s6gGqof5WJBaDGLw9D3AWAaQJeFV8tdEElRHv2Y69aSLNEn07eKPHJec.yahoo.invalid; ejcrig at vEzyM1esJYk0_QaOAgh1EgF7TFob2Xy53zTJiLK90aSLa7T6SqilLdhr9MABg1C7.yahoo.invalid; bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com; john at 454ucyhNQDMfBZzCoQYsCOn9p6fce46idDTvv1DztDDTAnDpOc8goF2P5YgwLeJRm38ntcL7vVy8AplbZG8se2XP.yahoo.invalid; john.ketteringham27 at URvdNmIvUWl62CRO36UadGp7L7A6uJkyFB4PuGvIZawOWc56SrK0RUzSMsUX3N85OnFmlW_fGAUm6Kh_rbfGP6HsliIY1C3eNQ.yahoo.invalid; Lindsey.Jones at ucQ0W09HwooKE5lcJnF9cJ5SDf03yifkfDIsubzSFkqktzcVS-0e4awMK2Gx9yb2IQdLAdUnJatPXajcXHrwsQ.yahoo.invalid; lrc at yahoogroups.com; graham at pyT9DatVQ7lzSwp2V-bnljL2dbkYviCjSwVyHblzSdqACXlQF1WEMwgf6vCvjDAr_BXxc-dRG6dFtOCZ2-gCmcmkow.yahoo.invalid
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Ignore, an old email account has been infiltrated. I'll deal with it when I can. Apologies.

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