Taunton St. Mary

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> I notice on the church website (dated 31-01-12) that the ringers have been given permission by the PCC to raise funds for a 'major overhaul' of the bells. 
> Does anyone know what is planned?
This is in the very early stages at the moment with no concrete plans made as of yet. All being well we hope to launch an appeal later this year and find a solution to sort out what often referred to as the "worse ring of 12 in the country".

We will be getting advise over the next few months and considering the best solution which may posibly involve a rehang lower down in the tower. 

At present this ring of 12 (29-3-20) is located in the top of this 163 ft tower and tower movememnt is a big problem. The sixth bell is also cracked near the crown.

I will keep you updated with any furture developments in due course.

Keith (ringer from Taunton St. Mary).


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