[Bell Historians] Dubious emails

John Harrison john at Wtwp9v9aN5nyqtcBfIcNEtrvrgmU9NYo7QLftrxqg5a5wuK3oBUcSRwukItGAkjn0VjYfGhwIx7qxV-7GEcm.yahoo.invalid
Sat Feb 25 09:48:20 GMT 2012

> I have also received emails from a body calling itself WAYN (Where Are
> You Now) asking me to respond to an enquiry from a ringer known to me. I
> have chosen to ignore it.

WAYN is a real organisation, see:

So (assuming your message came from it) it would be no more or less dubious
than similar messages coming from say Facebook or Linkedin. 

Of course, some people might consider social networks dubious ;-)


John Harrison
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