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I agree that we ought to retain a ringable set of steel bells somewhere so that future generations know what they sound like.  Whether these are appropriate for the job I am not so sure.  I remember ringing at Moseley one Sunday evening immediately after a visiting band had finished a quarter peal.  One of the ringers said that she had burst out laughing after hearing them in rounds!

Peter Rivet

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  Surely a home where the bells cannot actually be rung would be the best one for all concerned!!!


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    The honest answer is that no-one knows yet.  Their fate will be decided next week. They will not be destroyed, but there are alternatives, all of which meet the requirements of the faculty.

    The Trustees have worked extremely hard over a period of more than two years to find a home for them. Many leads have proved fruitless. The homes that are contenders are not locations where they can be actually rung.

    Needless to say there are many who would like to see them retained. As usual they always sound better the further you are from them - none of the local ringers or parishioners share this desire. In this particular case, owing to the fact that they are rust buckets, even the CBC feel there is no merit in their retention. And as most will know only 7 are ringable and those are declining fast.


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      Richard might like to enlighten  us all as to the fate of the steel bells??


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      >The last opportunity to ring the steel bells at
      >Moseley is on January 15th from 12:00 -14:00 prior
      >to their removal the following day. There will be a
      >£3 charge per person.
      >The bells will be replaced with a ring of 10
      >weighing 18 and a half hundredweight. Seven bells
      >will be cast to G&J profiles to match 3 bells
      >rescued from Greenock. All the work will be
      >undertaken by Taylor's.
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