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What about Hale in Cheshire, six steel and two bronze bells?


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> Not so. Naylor, Vickers & Co / Vickers, Sons & Co cast rings of eight for
> Sheffield, S Marie (transferred to Moseley, replaced by Mears 8 1874)
> Randwick, Sydney, Australia (replaced by Taylor 8 2000)
> Hurst, Lancs (Scrapped c1960)
> Hastings S Clement (Replaced by Taylor 8 1965)
> Blackpool, Sacred Heart (Replaced by Mears 8)
> Edinburgh, S Giles (Chime, scrapped) 
> There are still rings of six, all ringable and in use at Chalford, Maitland (Australia), amd Waddesdon, also unringable ones at Ingleton and Cambridge (NZ), 5's at Thornborough, Toller Whelme and Willington (Co Durham)(all ringable) plus the ringable 4 at Cann and the unringable one at Bicknor.
> Yes, it's time that the very unmelodious steel bells at Moseley made way for a ring proportionate to the magnificent church.
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> This is a shame because these are the only remaining 8 steel bells in the world hung for ringing that were 
> cast by Vickers except for the eight steel bells at Lancaster, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity 
> in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. that are Chimestand Chimed.
> I hope these bells are preserved in a museum as the last ever eight steel bells hung for ringing.
> Kevin Jones
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> Subject: [Bell Historians] Moseley St Mary - Steel Bells
> The last opportunity to ring the steel bells at Moseley is on January 15th from 12:00 -14:00 prior to their removal the following day. There will be a £3 charge per person.
> The bells will be replaced with a ring of 10 weighing 18 and a half hundredweight. Seven bells will be cast to G&J profiles to match 3 bells rescued from Greenock. All the work will be undertaken by Taylor's.
> Richard
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