[Bell Historians] Moseley St Mary - Steel Bells

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Sun Jan 8 11:28:01 GMT 2012

Kevin Jones:
> This is a shame because these are the only remaining 8 steel bells in the world hung for ringing that were 
> cast by Vickers except for the eight steel bells at Lancaster, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity 
> in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. that are Chimestand Chimed.

> Not so. Naylor, Vickers & Co / Vickers, Sons & Co cast rings of eight for
> Sheffield, S Marie (transferred to Moseley,  replaced by Mears 8 1874)
> Randwick, Sydney, Australia (replaced by Taylor 8 2000)
> Hurst, Lancs (Scrapped c1960)
> Hastings S Clement (Replaced by Taylor 8  1965)
> Blackpool, Sacred Heart (Replaced by Mears 8)
> Edinburgh, S Giles (Chime, scrapped) 

So actually Kevin is right, this is the last remaining steel eight?

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