[Bell Historians] Moseley St Mary - Steel Bells

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I think what Kevin meant to say was that Lancaster will be the only octave capable of being sounded as things stand, depending what happens to Moseley.

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Lancaster are not hung for ringing.


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Kevin Jones:

    This is a shame because these are the only remaining 8 steel bells in the world hung for ringing that were 
    cast by Vickers except for the eight steel bells at Lancaster, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity 
    in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. that are Chimestand Chimed.


  Not so. Naylor, Vickers & Co / Vickers, Sons & Co cast rings of eight for

  Sheffield, S Marie (transferred to Moseley, replaced by Mears 8 1874)

  Randwick, Sydney, Australia (replaced by Taylor 8 2000)

  Hurst, Lancs (Scrapped c1960)

  Hastings S Clement (Replaced by Taylor 8 1965)

  Blackpool, Sacred Heart (Replaced by Mears 8)

  Edinburgh, S Giles (Chime, scrapped) 

So actually Kevin is right, this is the last remaining steel eight?


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