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I didn’t say anything about the extent of ringing since 1991, only that in their entire history they have not been rung a great deal. Since 1991 there has been an active local band – amazingly! – and their views are made clear enough in the excellent little video on the website. As well as the quarters Alan mentions there have been a few peals, and I am glad to say that I rang in one of them. A worthwhile experience in its way – but not something to do too often (even if Paul Needham has!)


Regarding Kevin’s analogy of the bad TV programme, you may indeed watch it more than once – but if it was the only telly you got to see and had to watch it every week you’d soon get very fed up. That’s the reality that diehard conservationists fail to acknowledge when insisting that other people (not themselves) keep things they have to use week-in week-out.


Chris Pickford

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