[Bell Historians] Moseley St Mary - Steel Bells

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Mon Jan 9 18:01:39 GMT 2012

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> And if you want to hear Chalford, try this link.
> http://www.ringing.demon.co.uk/sounds/chalford.mp3
> They actually sound like bells!
> David

Indeed they do sound like bells, but not as much as the back six at Hale-go to:

And click on bell collections, then Hale-there is a recording of the tuned back six (ex Bootle) plus the current trebles of eight, (cast in Asten) plus a recording of the back six, plus two artificial true harmonic Trebles. True harmonic Trebles would have been the way forward, as the current Trebles do spoil an otherwise decent (steel based) ring.

I'd hope that these days, people in the UK would buy bells from the Uk-after all, there are three foundries here producing bells, one in somerset, one in London, and one in Loughborough.



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