[Bell Historians] Seages apparatus

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at 7evIkNF-1MFs8lqk6RHgHo4E_ptCKetE3MgfWoZmgjmuqhAJPMtxQbsurHwj1HKCjrcEvXOLYN-F21n7f889XdQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 10 12:59:09 GMT 2012

From: George Dawson <george at TUiFJTEQzIkOrON7oU0OgQlc3zw5xEKS_pwc4OHswDXVDzmnV0jbFKF9FS23532TzMUdLrRQpqOrQzAvICQiIa7R-goJ9A.yahoo.invalid>

Who knows anything about the Bristol Ringing school & can enlighten us??

I think the ringing school ceased in the 1960's although a learners 
practice was still held up to the late 1970's. I shall ask my father, 
but not tonight as I am in a peal attempt at a new tower (shock horror) 


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