[Bell Historians] Seages apparatus

Matt Dawson matt.dawson at ZOHlCsIJZHsmcGUln9fdsIqJ3TX4xgO-stOs7SZBwFFXiKH-gX7rICC45eV62uQZM31tfQTz7v6Hmn2WgJBR-Fo.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jan 11 16:28:12 GMT 2012

On 10 January 2012 11:48, David Cawley <davidl.cawley at DQTn6TFpsW1WHnvgHJ9aEJnfvVTsG-kO9_auD8P49CynDjA3PZ6ioTToxQR0Qu71y-ltzOTeKu7v1qPOVy1xuTMBGNQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> I have to say that I rang that tenor to a good many many quarters and never
> remember the box being inconvenient, and I'm pretty tall!
> If my opinion as a former regular at S John's, and a former DAC Bells
> Adviser was asked, I would deprecate the removal of the apparatus with all
> its links with a critical period in the ringing history of Bristol.

Thanks for the information, David. I don't know how close the
apparatus is to being functional, but I'll try to ensure it doesn't
deteriorate further.

If anyone else complains about the box, I'll tell them it's got a
preservation order on it!



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