[Bell Historians] Peal details needed please

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Fri Jun 8 20:01:16 BST 2012

As Sue has mentioned, I've been hunting for this one and can't find it 
in 1977 (June-Sept) RW.

But if, as David says, it was a six-bell peal then it must have been at 
Grendon, Warwickshire (actually in Birmingham Diocese and St.Martin's 
Guild territory, but most of the peals around that time were for the 
Midland Counties Guild). Most of the band listed were Coventry Guild 
regulars (except Michael Allsop).

I wonder if it was published very late (and in small print). Also, at 
that time, Non Association peals were sometimes printed under "N" in the 
listings, and at other times at the end (after "Yorkshire". There was 
much experimenting with typefaces, and the Jubilee peals were published 
by date in the "blue" commemorative issue, and afterwards in blocks. Not 
an easy period to search, so I may have missed it.

Clearly there's an error on Felstead to be corrected here (wrong tower), 
but it would be good to have chapter and verse before submitting a 
correction. Further assistance welcome!

Chris Pickford
E-mail: c.j.pickford at iZF8Y2xM6H0xx3pZXLCgkCoZ1HYCNbYDQvoj6NZP4ad14LGoQypjhMa_2Y8J9_td7b_2OIKPdmerqG7RCZFc.yahoo.invalid or (interchangeably) 
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