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Sue Marsden erincaters at 7zlAOXElTiV28V0A8WZ9xKLlk1DFkMENCzkHwyaQNifYRrRWg2QBm1WvSzgkN0PbT6LRYfczlXZJPa9MdPXsUOU18C4.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jun 8 20:29:29 BST 2012

It might have been added very recently to Felstead and Pealbase as the PDG
Branch Website says 'According to Felstead there is no peal data for
I have emailed the Felstead Webmaster and I dare say Drew will also pick it
up and will be able to explain.
On 8 June 2012 20:04, Andrew Cairns <anycairns at TKUmI7zSr0y__223Baxuo3cB4s-Z05VhpaErcGUoNIPUdpJN8hZHHptO54_7QhfDvc3hn98DYk8IOfxVOA.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> It is a very difficult period to read although the layout improves later
> that year. I went right to the end of '77 and also looked for late peals in
> QP format to no avail. I also went through June-Aug twice. Perhaps it
> appeared after '77 and perhaps it had no county given??
> Andrew
> On 8 June 2012 20:01, Chris Pickford <c.j.pickford.t21 at kZ8OdOCWf6AolDx0TTPzGH9TSALSf33qqZeeKEqeAwgWjJ378prTkEuqilkgT4sNdEU2P38K4ZwJLrXTRI0vVAdXuQQdfmTB7Vk.yahoo.invalid>wrote:
>> **
>> As Sue has mentioned, I've been hunting for this one and can't find it
>> in 1977 (June-Sept) RW.
>> But if, as David says, it was a six-bell peal then it must have been at
>> Grendon, Warwickshire (actually in Birmingham Diocese and St.Martin's
>> Guild territory, but most of the peals around that time were for the
>> Midland Counties Guild). Most of the band listed were Coventry Guild
>> regulars (except Michael Allsop).
>> I wonder if it was published very late (and in small print). Also, at
>> that time, Non Association peals were sometimes printed under "N" in the
>> listings, and at other times at the end (after "Yorkshire". There was
>> much experimenting with typefaces, and the Jubilee peals were published
>> by date in the "blue" commemorative issue, and afterwards in blocks. Not
>> an easy period to search, so I may have missed it.
>> Clearly there's an error on Felstead to be corrected here (wrong tower),
>> but it would be good to have chapter and verse before submitting a
>> correction. Further assistance welcome!
>> --
>> Chris Pickford
>> E-mail: c.j.pickford at bJhV7gi7HGsyFwRjpOLcGDUBnDDPjESrCxquVxWANjedjtFxFHCTLdFzI9--1xiCgPtu2D3YwXYtUOHlDA.yahoo.invalid or (interchangeably)
>> c.j.pickford.t21 at kZ8OdOCWf6AolDx0TTPzGH9TSALSf33qqZeeKEqeAwgWjJ378prTkEuqilkgT4sNdEU2P38K4ZwJLrXTRI0vVAdXuQQdfmTB7Vk.yahoo.invalid
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