Ian Self Email Hacked

John Cater John at Ijfx2eQTuKpo9CA9CNTH7d8_AME0rbfjAnJHhjnwxZM6Ebp2WgrOtYtl_h8cjt62YVhzIWF86aLpHvesqA.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jun 19 10:10:43 BST 2012

I've tried to contact Ian by two different means, to let him know his email address has been hacked.  The "terrible trip" email will no doubt have gone out to most or all of Ian's contacts, so others will also hopefully be contacting him.

But if anyone knows Ian's work or mobile phone number, feel free to contact him, so he can try to un-hack his account as soon as possible.

John Cater
Joint Moderator


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