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I will correct that page as soon as I can.  It is not my practice to credit subcontractors, either; but when the information that comes to me cites only the subcontractor and fails to mention either the prime contractor or the nature of the contract, then an unintentional error can result.

Thanks for the clarification!


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    Further...... Having just perused
      <www.towerbells.org/data/NYNYTCTC.HTM >
      it is not really true to say that they were hung as a chime by


      The design and actual hanging of the chime was by Taylors. A small
      part of the work was subcontracted to McShane to avoid to bells
      having to cross the Atlantic for attention.

      It is not normal to credit a sub-contractor as though he were the


    The automatic chiming equipment which strikes the quarters and
      the hour and also plays tunes was supplied by Clock-O-Matic.



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