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Wed Jun 27 16:47:03 BST 2012

On 27/06/2012 15:47, Mike Chester wrote:
> ....... Mancetter and Witherley are not only in different counties, 
> but also in different dioceses. The driving route here is 1.5 miles, 
> but they are much closer as the crow flies.
> Are there closer examples? Perhaps there are two churches proudly 
> standing opposite each other across a river that is a border?

Streatley, Berks. and Goring, Oxon come readily to mind. about 1/3 mile 
by road, rather less by crow, but they are in the same diocese. I guess 
that there will be several cases that fulfil that requirement too, but I 
am not really sure what point you were making. There are cases of two 
churches in the same churchyard; e.g Willingale Spain and Willingale 
Doe, although unsurprising both are in the same county; Essex.

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