[Bell Historians] Close But Different

Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at 5_T2tvT0jkqVI4r7qBS8ypIPnCgFJu2ksfzY95lRCEE9q9JzPZiM-7PZ0vpS02zP0ucFTPPgwy7YMrngy-qsji0KnaZG.yahoo.invalid
Thu Jun 28 11:07:20 BST 2012

I looked into this a few years ago in regard to Canewdon church that was supposedly on more than one Ley Line.
My conclusion was that it was not unless you used a small scale map and a thick line!
Looking at the other points on these Ley lines this would also appear to apply. Now I am no expert but it would appear to me to be a case of finding a pattern when there is none there. But that is just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Brian Meldon

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> Has any one done a study on Ley Lines for churches?  Might prove interesting.


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