[Bell Historians] Close But Different

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Thu Jun 28 15:07:41 BST 2012

On 27 June 2012 16:57, Richard Smith <richard at STKUQcII539FXV1xRC8cWaMZ6wcg7LZxma1a-bMx0sYfInJdi88w-vu1_i7oR1nhKPZFmh5CxoscV34Pf5X0.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> You may do better using traditional county boundaries,
> especially where county boundaries ran through the centre of
> a town.  I don't have the data to do a full analysis of
> that.  Southwark Cathedral (Surrey) and St Magnus the Martyr
> (Middx) is a candidate, as is All Saints, Newmarket (Cambs,
> though unringable) and St Mary, Newmarket (Suff).  Both seem
> to be very slightly further apart than Holt and Farndon.

This was also the case in Bristol, where the Avon (now the floating
harbour) coincided with the border between Gloucestershire and
Somerset. St Nicholas (once a ten) and St Thomas are roughly two
hundred yards apart.



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