[Bell Historians] Early facsimile inscriptions

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It is my understanding that the old tenor bell at Ormskirk, Lancs, dated 1576, has its 1497 inscription reproduced in facsimile. The bell is on display at ground level. It is inscribed as follows:

Shoulder:  J.S. de B. armig et E ux me fecerunt in honore Trinitatis R.B 1497.
J(ames) S(carisbrick) of B(urscough) Knight and E(lizabeth) his wife gave me in honour of the Trinity RB 1497.

Waist : 1576

The inscription was clearly applied using some sort of cut-out material in squares. It is quite elaborate compared with the 1576 recasting date. The 1497 bell was almost certainly brought to Ormskirk from nearby Burscough Priory, at the Dissolution. 

Bryan McCahey

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Guilty as charged :-)


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>The earliest I can think of is at POSTLING Kent. 
Full details on Lovesguide, under that heading. On the 2nd, the inscription 
and one of the shields on the 14thC bell were apparently reproduced in 
facsimile on its 15thC successor, only the initial cross being altered to 
the 'Iesu merci ladi help' used by the London founders. The site also has some 
admirable photographs taken I think by RCO when the bells were being rehung in 
1979 and the different respective shapes and type of canons will be seen when 
comparing this bell with the 14thC tenor.
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>>I’m looking to find out about early examples of facsimile  inscriptions.
>>Dates & locations would be most helpful.
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