[Bell Historians] Removal of guano from bells

Stephen Stanford steve.h.stanford at p87xOAMGwCyVDMqbqx03UWmPiS7ufoyyRD33J2_Hm0pPOBzhjHqzfsV8Df1YasQ0VzQgUj7ygn_RF8pgmEfhhIxxlbGg.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 24 14:45:30 BST 2012


I am not in the habit of talking crap, but I'll make an exception in this case

Soaking with good ol' soap, water and applying elbow grease is
probably the best method (avoid bleach)

You could try a domestic peroxide cleaner such as Lysol Power & Free
Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Or cover it with black lead - that seems to be a cure for many ills in
some quarters! :(

Good luck!


On 24/10/2012, Peter Trent <peter.trent at kPNQ99rsOVWtAOGKtQv7pvyjgZfgA3JQVKDka2MtZ9hGvvhOsL4sGpBh9np75i_Zr5tdu7xwYfWC01n_z8Ph1GI.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> Is there a favoured and particularly efficacious method of cleaning bells of
> guano?


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