[Bell Historians] guano

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at 9o2aQIWVLKcxb0yWlJ8juBz7PHD1IqD018npqA_d13zcP3nUCYQrnRM8lxB5gzZOvTgzT96DHAVt1VRA5nSeqloiW7FUCBxVDSw.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 25 15:56:43 BST 2012

Retaining the patina is certainly to be encouraged, but once a bell gets 
too encrusted with anything (guano, industrial grime, air pollutants or 
paint etc) its usually past practicality to keep it. Needs to be 
remembered, too, that encrustation affects the tone - and cleaning helps 
to restore a bell to its full sound.

Re guano, nobody has mentioned the importance of masks and protective 
gear. Bird poo isn't stuff to mess with!

Chris Pickford
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