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This isn't quite the complete story as the cracked 7th bell at Gateshead was recast about 1975.  I remember selling raffle tickets in aid of the work to colleagues at Durham County Council.  So the ring was in full working order for about a year before the fire.  It's a sad case of a restoration scheme that turned out to be a wasted effort.

Peter Rivet

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  Alan - I am afraid St. Mary Gateshead will not figure in 1/4 peal analysis any time soon. 
  There were 4 bells in the 1552 inventory.

  6 new bells in 1730.

  8 new bells in 1788.

  7th cracked in early 1970s.

  Church gutted by fire.

  Bells put into Diocesan storage.

  Two trebles used as scrap for augmentation at St. Mary Whickham.

  6 remaining bells stolen.

  Church redundancy scheme 1984 and gifted to Northern Heritage Trust for Civic use.

  Manager of building very much against installation of any bells.

  regards - Howard E. J. Smith - Newcastle

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    I have a note (RW p1007, 1983) that two bells were stolen, one cracked and six bells are in store. What happened next? The last quarter peal on them was in 1978 (see RW for 12 Jan 1979).


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