[Bell Historians] steam-bending ash for sliders

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at GU2Icbmf8Ugc9f-xVZDUvo-wcOMf-oPEkSMsvxyNARMQDXnCl0sqfAyOELgNWP3tFb2MTKk9IhFAZt29m0ZjlYtS2oy8.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 31 15:16:48 GMT 2012

Just a thought on this

It's rather too easy to do a book-based study on this, but bear in mind 
that not all writers on bells have done a lot of "looking". I feel that 
this might be best answered by someone - shame CD is no longer with us 
as he would have offered some helpful pointers - who has seen and 
understood a lot of different belfry installations.

Fotr what it's worth, my impresson is that the use of "bent" sliders is 
probably a mid- to late- C19th thing. Before that, other forms of 
setting devices (spur stays and pendulum sliders) were more common. But 
I don't think I've ever seen any curved stays or sliders that I would 
confidently place much before 1850

Chris Pickford
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