[Bell Historians] Dorstone, Herefordshire

David & Mary Kelly keltek at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 3 09:01:47 GMT 2013

I have seen sight of a report and photographs written/taken by Roy Williams which suggests that at least two and possibly all four bells of the chime at Dorstone had been hung for full-circle ringing. 

Roy adds in an email to me "Given that the church was completely rebuilt in 1889, it would be reasonable to assume that the installation was dismantled and refitted in the new tower. The frame was then lowered to its present position when the tower was truncated in 1950, so you can't make any reliable assessment of what was there up to 1889."

Dorstone does not appear in the "lost rings" list but it looks a strong candidate for addition. Does anyone have any more information about a possible ring of four and when they might have been rehung for chiming?

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