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Great Cressingham. http://www.norfolkchurches.co.uk/greatcressingham/greatcressingham.htm

Happy Christmas

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Hello Paul,

How are you and all the family in Norfolk?  Ready for Christmas?

What is contentious about the incumbent being responsible for their church?   Nothing to my knowledge.   That is precisely the way it should be.
When  in Norfolk I stay with a family friend, a church warden, who opens up her church in the morning and locks it up at night, so I know how 
it ought to work.  My cousin, who lives next door to her church, does the same thing.  To have churchwardens refusing a request for access to a
church simply because they don't feel like opening  it up is not right.

Anyway.  I give up.  Which church is it?  It is not likely that I am going to go round there -  I live much too far away. :-)  

Best wishes and A Merry Christmas to all,

Alan Ellis
Vancouver, BC   


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On a slightly contentious issue, it is I, as incumbent, who is given the keys and whose hand is placed upon the door at an installation and induction and not a churchwarden’s.


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