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There's a better web site at http://www.medieval-graffiti.co.uk/index.htm
where you can look at the graffiti more leisurely and see work from other


We have a lot of graffiti in our belfry and clock room.  Mainly names and
initials and dates, the earliest I can see is 1611, and there's at least one
hexafoil.  Coincidentally the latest edition of SPAB's journal has an
article on lead roof graffiti.



Merry Christmas







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Hello Anne and Peter,


Vey interesting indeed.


I, too, saw nothing of a bell-ringing nature in the graffiti, however, they
did flash past rather quickly.


I'm more interested in the Churchwarden from Hell!   Does one of the two
photographs picture the church in question?   

I cannot place either of them, but then, my area of expertice is north
Norfolk rather than south Norfolk.  I do know that 

neither photograph is Mundford, which is south of Swaffham.


Churchwardens like him/her give churches and Norfolk (and elsewhere) a bad
name.  I've ran into a few over the years.

One day they will get their come-uppance.  I'd certainly give them a lecture
to change their tune.    A piece of coal in their

Christmas stocking.


Apologies for the rant.


Best wishes and a Merry Christmas,


Alan Ellis








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Living just 200 yards from  Matt Champion I feel sure that had anything
remotely bell related been suspected he would have come to talk about it



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