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How very interesting. Back in 1975 the then Rector refused both Peter Bond and I permission to go up, so I'm at a loss to know excactly what it is - the surface with the deep slot seems to have the marks where canons have butted up against it, making me wonder if it is some form of "bell pad". But that does not explain the iron handle at the top.  Most interesting to have a sight of these images.

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  I came across the item on the attached photos today and would welcome some 
  opinions. It was in the belfry at Woodnorton in Norfolk. L'Estrange has the 
  following information:

  "In 1699, the steeple being down, the three bells small and cracked, and 
  hung in a
  low shed in the churchyard, and the houses in the parish being scattered and
  at a distance, it was impossible for the parishioners to know when they 
  repair to church ; leave therefore was granted by the Bishop to collect a 
  to enable them to melt down the three bells into one, and to rebuild a 
  of the steeple to hang it in"

  My initiial thoughts are that this is one of the shed hangings for the small 
  bells and suspended and swung by hand? Has anyone seen something like this 

  Peter Trent

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