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Whilst installing the ring at The Black Bull in nearby Frosterley, we ran into the past curator of The Beamish Museum who told us that there was no plan to install the steel bells in the rebuilt church at Beamish. I seem to remember him telling us that the tower was about 8 feet square internally. Matthew
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On 21/01/2013 22:49, Nick Bowden wrote:
> From: Ted Steele
> ... I read somewhere recently of a bell or some bells removed from 
> elsewhere being
> stored at Beamish. Am I imagining that? Perhaps bells and church could be
> brought together.
> >>
> That would be the 15 cwt steel octave from Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge.
> Probably a bit on the large side....

Ah yes; thanks for reminding me. It was in the new Dove that I read it.


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