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Just as a start

A letter heading in the Norfolk Record Office  PD448/12 written  Dec. 18th 1915 says:


George Day and Son Eye Suffolk established 1802

"To taking down and unhanging the broken tenor bell of Barford Church, taking up and hanging in  its place the 2nd or middle of the peal of three with new hanging irons, new false crown staple and clapper. Quarter turn the bell upon the stocks and hanging bell complete with new pulley box & bellrope for chiming upon the swing frame as per estimate."

Receipted in 1917 and signed by Frederick Day (all for the princely sum of £5.00) 

Hubert Day,  writing to Revd. Cavalier on May 26th 1926 and advising to expect:

" between £ 5 and five pounds ten per hundredweights of your old bells according to fluctuations of the market"

He recommends Mears and Stainbank or John Taylor of Loughborough as likely purchasers of the  said old bells and asks him to write with the estimates  and that he is happy to advise f.o.c. He makes it known that:

"you would have to load same on rail and pay carriage about 2/- per Cwt."

And if they had difficulty locally transporting the bells he offers to supply "2 men and a lorry for about £4"

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