Fwd: Canons Ashby Bells.

Robert Lewis editor at ...
Mon Jul 29 12:56:03 BST 2013

John Keddie has asked me to forward this to the list.

Can anyone help him please?


>>  27 Jul 2013 04:56:00 -0700 (PDT)
>>Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 12:56:00 +0100
>>Subject: Canons Ashby Bells.
>>From: John Keddie <f.john.keddie at ...>
>>To: editor at ...
>>8 Drovers' Way
>>CV47 1FW
>>Dear Mr. Lewis,
>>As a life long ringer and more recently a National Trust volunteer 
>>at Canons Ashby I'm interested in finding out the history of the 
>>bells at the old priory church of St. Mary. There is historical 
>>evidence that a donation of money for the maintenance of the bells 
>>was made some time before the dissolution. There is also anecdotal 
>>information that the bells were removed from the tower and  dropped 
>>in the nearby lake, possibly to hide them from King Henry's men.
>>I'm contacting you in the hope that you can put me in touch with 
>>any of your contributors who might have any information about this 
>>subject. I've sent an e mail to Taylor's in the hope that their 
>>records might contain some information.
>>In the longer term it might be the subject of a short article for the RW.
>>     Yours sincerely,     F.John Keddie.


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