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Dennis Brock (Tower Captain of Sunbury-on-Thames) is probably the last 
person alive to have rung at All Hallows Lombard Street (and of course 
has since rung the same bells in Twickenham).

Dennis has been ringing since the age of 11 or 12 - more than 80 years 
ago and is still out ringing most nights of the week at Sunbury, 
Weybridge, Walton, occasionally Staines and elsewhere - still driving 

If anyone deserves recognition and a long-service medal for ringing, he 
certainly does!

Peter Whisker

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>In fact, when the Cathedral was scarcely out of the ground, they were 
>offered the ring of ten from All Hallows, Lombard Street, demolished in 
>1938. Apparently the offer was turned down as the Cathedral wanted a 
>heavier ring. For details of the Lombard Street ring (eventually sent 
>complete with its tower to All Hallows Twickenham) see Dickon Love's 
>"Lovesguide" London site.
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>>>This is the John S Goldsmith Memorial Bell, which was presented when 
>>>the first part of the Cathedral was being built; it was hung for 
>>>chiming in the turret at the east end when the Lady Chapel was being 
>>>built in the 1960's. Cast at Whitechapel. There is a photograph of it 
>>>on the back cover of the Golden Jubilee issue; the inscription reads 
>>>GOLDSMITH. / WHO DIED 1ST JUNE 1943. This reading is taken from the 
>>>rather grainy picture so is O&OE and does not include any Foundry 
>>>data there will be - no doubt the Whitechapel Foundry would oblige; 
>>>and perhaps the Editor can tell us a bit more about his great 
>>>predecessor's memorial bell.
>>The web site of the Guildford Diocesan Guild says the following:
>>"The Guild’s biggest challenge, the provision of a ring of bells for 
>>the new Cathedral, faced the membership from the early ’30s. A 
>>Cathedral Bells Fund was set up in 1933, before construction of the 
>>new Cathedral had even started. It received little support for many 
>>years but a Sacring bell, cast as a memorial to John S Goldsmith, was 
>>hung in the incomplete building in 1947 and a further bell, the ninth 
>>of the present ring, provided as a memorial to Alfred H Pulling in 
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