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Laurie Alexander laurie2027 at hotmail.com
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Dear friends,
I came across this article today in the Sydney 'Daily Telegraph' (by Troy Lennon) on the refurbishment of the clock tower of the Sydney Town Hall.  Although a Sydney article, I thought it would be of interest to many of you as it includes the history of the bells along with some early early history -  including a section on early convict ringers!
PDF file attached.
Also this link in today's SMH.

From: troy.lennon at news.com.au
To: laurie2027 at hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Chimes articles in today's paper 4.9.13
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2013 04:34:09 +0000

I’m glad you liked my article. We are between publishing systems at the moment and my page is not automatically going online, nor is it going somewhere that
 I can easily grab an electronic copy. I will see if I can scan the page and send you a PDF that you can send to your friends.

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