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  Nick is, of course, quite right. The bells at Valetta hang in a pretty standard mide-19th century Whitechapel design (?and manufacture) oak frame, with 5 and 6 swinging mouth to mouth along the wall and the others side by side and at right angles to the other two. Headstocks are all cut out to receive their wheels. The bolts which would have held the wheels in position are there, but the wheels are long gone. Only the tenor has a stay. The whole installation closely resembles what St Mark's, St Helier, Jersey (Mears 1844) looked like before the 1974 restoration - there the frame was supplied locally to Mears' drawings; at Alderney (1850) the foundry actually supplied the (?late) frame. All of the same vintage as Valletta. It would be interesting to know if Mears actually did supply a full set of fittings for the bells, and whether the frame was built locally to their design or sent out by them. Dove, of course, omits them as "never having been fully installed", which sounds a bit lame to me.


  From: Alan Taylor
  That’s odd, as there are wheels shown on the film.

  George & I were referring to Valetta. The film is of Lahore.

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