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          Here is some infpo on the bells:


The Bells of St Paul's Pro-Cathedral Valletta 

The spire of the neo-classical style Cathedral rises to over 200 feet above Valletta. Below this spire is the belfry in the detached tower at the northwest corner of the building, and here the six bells, which were cast by C and G Mears of London (now known as the Whitechapel Bell Foundry) in 1845, are hung in a probably locally made wooden frame.  It appears that the bells were originally hung so as to allow them to be rung full circle, as is the case with many Anglican churches in the UK. The bells are complete with headstocks, clappers and rollers, but have no wheels, sliders or stays (except a stay on the heaviest bell). It is unknown what happened to these items, as they certainly would have been supplied when the bells were installed in the tower. 
At some time a chiming apparatus has been fitted and the bells are now sounded by means of wires attached to the clappers and connected to a home made keyboard situated in the ringing chamber. This keyboard is operated by volunteers from the Cathedral congregation. Visitors (especially bell ringers) are welcome to visit the tower when the bells are ringing, before the 11.00 Sung Eucharist on Sunday. 



2 feet 4 1/4 inches
717 mm
4 cwt. 2 qtrs. 11lbs
233.81 kg

2 feet 7 3/8 inches
796 mm
6 cwt.
305 08 kg

2 feet 8 inches
813 mm
7 cwt. 1 qtr. 24 lbs.
379.54 kg

2 feet 8 1/4 inches
819 mm
7 cwt. 1 qtr. 21 lbs.
378.18 kg

3 feet 2 1/4 inches
972 mm
10 cwt. 1 qtr. 26 lbs.
532.99 kg

3 feet 6 inches
1067 mm
13 cwt. 18 lbs.
669.19 kg


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