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A long time ago, I think. I recall printed quarter peal cards, at least one certainly – George Aldous (a pupil and protégé of Harry Windsor) rang the tenor to a quarter in the 60s some time and it was a performance Harry often spoke of.


We rang a 1440 of Cambridge Minor (not a very good one, I’d have to confess!) there on a ringing week I arranged in August 1971 


I’m not sure quite how far Alan Buswell’s records go, but he’s certainly the one to ask. Only offering this (and can check further on the quarter we rang if necessary) in case Alan’s records don’t help


The bells are very difficult, of course, and the tower sways a great deal. We went there with a very good band one Sunday morning (some big names – reliable pullers! – who have rung peals on many of the other big sixes) and didn’t manage to ring them that well. It was disappointing, but says something about the difficulties too.


When challenged as to why the bells were difficult to ring after he had rehung them in the early C20 (they’ve been rehung again since), the then Mr White of Appleton blamed the tower - “tis this ‘ere poplar tree they’m ‘ung in” (or such-like).


But for all the difficulties, it’s a great tower to visit – not just for the challenge, but for the rewarding sound, fine church and the general ambience of the place.


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