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Thanks, Ted - Tony Smith has already given me Frank's address; I'm guessing
he's not on email. I'm not sure I want to pester him just yet, as he's lost
his wife recently.





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On 17/02/2014 17:11, a_m_bull at yahoo.co.uk wrote:

I'm trying to find exactly what method
> was rung for the first time to a peal at Littledean, Glos, on 10 Nov
> 1962, as "Littledean Place Bob Doubles". The peal was published on p49
> on the 1963 RW. The peal report does not give place notation, but says
> the method is "Blagrove's collection No. 8A".

You might try contacting Frank Blagrove via the Middlesex (MCA&LDG). I 
would guess it is his collection, unless someone knows differently.. I 
could put yopu in touch with someone who has his contact details if 


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