[Bell Historians] Early Peal in Canada?

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On this document

 http://www.nagcr.org/materials/there-was-life-before-nag.pdf http://www.nagcr.org/materials/there-was-life-before-nag.pdf


  on p56  (which is p67 of the pdf) in the section giving details of the bells at Exeter, Ontario it states


 "Among all the change ringing was what appears to be the first full peal to be rung in Canada, 5040 of Plain Bob Minor, in about four hours, rung on July l, 1895. This precedes the Vancouver peal by 16 years."

 There is no reference to this "peal" in the Felstead records.  Can anyone say if it was actually rung to the peal standards of the day or not?


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