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Hello David and Mike, 
Initially this publication was available in wire-spring-bound copies from Michael Simpson shortly before his untimely death. 
Since then I have reprinted two copies and have had them bound with the permission of Judy, Michael's widow. One for Judy and one for my own library.  
We never thought that the book would sell well and so we went no further with it, except that it was Bruce Butler, I believe, who requested whether 
we could have it on the NAGCR web-site, for which Judy gave her permission.  It is therefore available for everyone's viewing and /or downloading.  It is 
a very interesting story of all the early North American towers. 
As to the Exeter peal.  As NAGCR were never able to authenticate its truth, we have never counted it.  I don't believe that there are any names given to the 
ringers of the peal for possible verification.   I have not personally rung there but my wife has - at least she has tried to ring there.  Apparently the bells go 
very strangely and no wonder, because the pulleys are reported to be some 2 in. or less in diameter!  My poor lady could not get the bell up half way even. 
It just would not go any further!    One day I hope to get there to have a look.  Exeter, Ontario, is some 200 miles west of Toronto and a bit out of the way. 
Perhaps others who have rung or who have tried to ring there could provide additional information. 
Best wishes, 
Alan Ellis 
Vancouver, B.C. 

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Don't know about the Exeter peal, but how very interesting to see this publication THERE WAS LIFE BEFORE NAG. I've not yet seen anything about this publication in the RW and it will be interesting to know how to obtain one. Can anyone help? 

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On this document 


 on p56  (which is p67 of the pdf) in the section giving details of the bells at Exeter, Ontario it states 

"Among all the  change ringing was what appears to  be the first full peal to be rung in  Canada, 5040 of Plain Bob Minor,  in about four hours, rung on July l,  1895. This precedes the Vancouver  peal by 16 years." 

There is no reference to this "peal" in the Felstead records.  Can anyone say if it was actually rung to the peal standards of the day or not? 



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