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How very interesting. As for sound, not nearly as bad as one might be inclined to anticipate.


The actual striking arrangement is really a somewhat ‘vernacular’ application (in this case, in wood) as to that found on the majority of tubular chimes, though in this case connected to a small barrel rather than a plucking-type manual.


I knew of the bar-chime at Allerton-Bywater, which was listed in earlier editions of Dove which is presumably one of the four alluded to – where were the others?




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I think that all the bar chimes that were installed in the UK have now gone. Certainly all those, four in number, that I have been made aware of have disappeared. 

I wonder if anyone on the list has actually heard one of these chimes. I've come across this video


I wonder if the UK chimes would sound similar to this, even though their striking mechanism might well have been different.


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