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"It was during floor excavations in the South Transept in 1896, that an
interesting discovery was made in connection with a former casting of the
Church Bells [1701] probably at the time when "John Gilberd did contrive to
cast from four this peal of five". Previously to this it was believed that
the bells had been re-cast in an adjoining field but while the work of
restoration was going on the workmen found in the South Transept the
remains of a furnace and pieces of old bell metal which conclusively prove
that it was there that the bells were re-cast."

As all ringing records are lost, as with everything else after the fire,
I'm trying to gather and resurrect the details of the tower, bells and
ringers. In the above one will see that pieces of old bell metal was found.
If these were 'found', the next step is where are they now? The local
Winchester Museums have been approached with no information forthcoming.
I'm wondering if anyone out there may be of help to locate the metal? Also
I would welcome any additional material. I already have full details of the
bells, clock, peals [not all yet) and quarter peals.

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