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I sympathise with the problems Howard has experienced.  Obviously this sort
of cack-handed arrangement needs to be avoided.  I've never seen the
installation but my understanding is that part of the problem at Corbridge
is excessive tower movement.  As the tower is a particularly important Saxon
one, major reconstruction work inside wouldn't be a serious option.  In that
case a restoration scheme for the bells would, realistically, have to
involve rehanging them significantly lower down the tower; so surely putting
a platform over the top of the existing frame wouldn't affect it?


Peter Rivet


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Corbridge bells must now be considered as unringable.


There is now a permanent wooden platform across the bellframe making five of
the six bells unringable.


This was installed on the advice of a "safety expert" who was asked to
inspect the tower as access to put up the flag was difficult.


There was consultation with the D.A.C. and I put forward a restoration plan
but there was very definitely no will to proceed along the route of any type
of restoration.


Any application by members of the public and or "bell experts" to look at
the bells will be met with a refusal.


Unless some one has K100 available and was able to persuade the Church to
restore the bells they will remain "unringable".


My understanding is that there are probably about twelve ringers left alive
that have actually rung these bells to various methods including London


Howard E. J. Smith - Newcastle Diocesan bell advisor.

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